Knowing the right questions to ask is pivotal when searching for a wedding photographer. This article cuts straight to the chase, offering a curated selection of key inquiries designed to help you find a photographer whose skills and style will ensure your wedding day is captured just as you envisioned.

Key Takeaways

  • Book your photographer early to ensure availability, especially if you’re getting married during peak season.
  • Ensure your photographer is familiar with your venue type and wedding style to guarantee they can capture the day’s moments perfectly.
  • Understand what your photography package includes, covering everything from photo editing to album options and copyright issues.

1. Are you available on my wedding day?

First things first, let’s talk about availability. It’s essential to check if your preferred wedding photographer is available on your chosen wedding date. Popular wedding photographers are often booked well in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons in the UK. So, make sure to secure your special day with your favourite photographer as soon as you can!

2. Can you take the wedding photo shoot at my wedding venue?

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Next, consider the wedding venue. A photographer’s ability to capture stunning wedding photos can be influenced by their familiarity with your chosen venue. Whether your venue is a historic Cotswolds manor, a beachfront resort in Cornwall, a London wedding location, or even in North Yorkshire or West Yorkshire, it’s beneficial if the wedding photographer has worked at similar locations. They’ll know the best spots for those magical shots and how to work with the lighting and surroundings to create truly memorable images.

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3. Have you ever filmed wedding photography at the type of venue we have chosen?

Building on the previous point, it’s useful to ask if the photographer has experience shooting at venues similar to yours. Each venue, be it a hotel, boutique, estate, or garden, brings its unique challenges and opportunities. A photographer experienced in your venue type will know how to navigate these aspects, ensuring nothing gets in the way of capturing your special moments.

4. Have you experienced filming our type of wedding?

Now, let’s talk about your specific type of wedding. Are you planning a traditional church wedding, a casual beach ceremony, or a destination wedding in a foreign locale? Whatever your Wedding Photography Style, your photographer must have experience shooting similar events. This familiarity will enable them to anticipate key moments and capture your wedding’s unique vibe and emotion.

5. What is your wedding photography style?

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Your photographer’s style is another key consideration. Wedding photography can range from:

  • documentary wedding, where the documentary wedding photographer unobtrusively captures the day’s moments and events as they unfold
  • contemporary
  • traditional
  • fashion-inspired styles
  • photojournalistic
  • black and white
  • lifestyle
  • film
  • aerial
  • candid
  • landscape
  • destination
  • classic
  • vintage
  • natural

Discussing the photographer’s preferred style will ensure it aligns with your vision and expectations for your wedding photos.

6. Who will be shooting my wedding photographs?

Who will be behind the camera on your wedding day? Is it the photographer you’ve been communicating with, or will they send an associate? Will an assistant or a team support them?

Knowing who will take your wedding photographs can help you build rapport with them beforehand, ensuring you’re comfortable and relaxed on your big day.

7. Will there be an assistant wedding photographer?

Speaking of assistants, will an assistant wedding photographer be at your wedding? Assistant photographers can provide an extra pair of hands for the main photographer, help with tasks such as carrying equipment, setting up scenes, and even capturing additional angles and moments that the main photographer might miss.

This can be a valuable addition to ensure comprehensive coverage of your special day, including moments on the dance floor.

8. Do you shoot wedding photos with a film digital camera or both?

Film or digital, or both? The type of camera your photographer uses can influence the look and feel of your wedding photos. While digital photography offers flexibility and instant feedback, film photography can deliver images with a timeless, romantic quality that some couples prefer.

Discuss this aspect with your photographer to ensure their approach aligns with your preferences.

9. Can you provide recent wedding photography portfolios and galleries you have shot?

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Before making your final decision, reviewing the photographer’s recent Wedding Photography Portfolios and galleries is crucial. This will give you an idea of their work quality, style, and how they capture the wedding’s mood and emotions. After all, you want a photographer who can beautifully document your story, not just take pretty pictures.

10. What is included in your wedding photograph packages, and are there addons or upsells?

Let’s talk about packages. Wedding Photographer Prices vary widely, with different inclusions and options for add-ons or upsells. Some photographers offer all-inclusive packages, while others charge separately for different services. Understanding what’s included in your chosen package will ensure no surprises later.

11. Will you remain at our wedding venue for the ceremony, reception and evening party?

Another crucial aspect to discuss with your photographer is coverage duration. Will they be present for the wedding day, including the ceremony, reception, and evening party? Full-day coverage can ensure that all the special moments, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the last dance, are captured beautifully.

This aspect of hiring a marriage day photographer usually comes down to the type of wedding photo package you’ve opted for. Some photographers offer full-day, half-day or by-the-hour services.

12. Do you offer a wedding photography consultation?

A pre-wedding consultation can be a great way to:

  • Discuss your expectations, preferences, and specific requests with the photographer
  • Create a rapport with them
  • Understand their approach
  • Convey any specific shots or moments you want to be captured.

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13. Do you offer wedding engagement photography sessions or rehearsal dinners?

Beyond the wedding day, some photographers offer engagement sessions or rehearsal dinner coverage. These sessions can be a beautiful way to capture the pre-wedding excitement and build a comfort level with the photographer before the big day. By browsing through real wedding portfolios, you can get a sense of their style and expertise in capturing the essence of a wedding ceremony.

14. Have you ever worked with our chosen wedding planner or wedding videographer before?

It’s also useful to know if the photographer has worked with your chosen wedding planner or videographer before. This previous collaboration can lead to smoother coordination and a more seamless experience on your wedding day.

15. Do you provide retouching and photo editing as part of your wedding photography services?

Photo editing and retouching can significantly enhance the final result of your wedding photos. However, not all photographers include these services in their wedding packages.

It’s essential to clarify this aspect to avoid any misunderstandings later.

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16. Do you include wedding photo negatives or high-resolution digital captures?

While some photographers provide photo negatives or high-resolution digital captures, others might only deliver the edited, final selection of images.

Understanding what you’ll receive at the end helps set clear expectations and ensures you’re satisfied with the final product.

17. What types of wedding photo albums do you offer, and are they included in our chosen package?

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What about Wedding Album Designs? Some photographers offer various types of photo albums, such as:

  • Standard albums
  • Matted albums
  • Flush mount albums
  • Coffee table albums
  • Self mount albums
  • Luxury albums
  • Traditional albums
  • Softcover albums
  • Indian styled albums
  • Lay flat albums

Discuss whether these options are included alongside customised wedding album covers in your chosen package.

18. How long after our wedding until we receive our wedding image portfolio album (digital and hardcopy)?

The anticipation of waiting for your wedding photos can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Most photographers deliver the final images anywhere from two to eight weeks after the wedding, but this timeline can vary depending on several factors. It’s always a good idea to confirm this timeline with your photographer.

19. Do we own the copyrights to our wedding day photos?

Copyright ownership of the wedding photos is another important aspect to consider. While some photographers may transfer the copyrights to the couple, others might retain them. Please discuss this with your photographer and understand what it means for your ability to print, share (social media), or publish your wedding photos.

20. Do you provide us with a wedding photography contract?

A detailed Wedding Photography Contract is essential. It should clearly outline the following:

  • Services provided
  • Costs
  • Copyrights
  • Cancellation policy
  • Other terms

This document helps protect both parties and ensures a mutual understanding of what is expected.

21. What deposit is due to book your photography service?

Booking a wedding photographer typically requires a deposit. This amount varies between photographers but is usually a percentage of the total cost. Ask about this upfront to help manage your wedding budget effectively.

22. Can we pay the fee in instalments?

Some photographers offer the convenience of paying their fees in instalments, making budget management easier. Weddings are expensive, so don’t hesitate to ask if this would be helpful.

23. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Although no one anticipates having to cancel their wedding or change their photographer, it’s always good to understand the refund and cancellation policy. This can help avoid any potential confusion or conflicts should unforeseen changes occur.

24. Can you help us organise guest wedding photographs to accompany our portfolio gallery?

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Finally, ask if your photographer can help organize guest-contributed photos for your wedding album or gallery. Guests often capture candid and priceless natural moments that might go unnoticed by the professional photographer.

Including these beautiful flowers in your photos can enrich your wedding album, capturing genuine and intimate moments and providing a more comprehensive and memorable narrative of your special day.

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Choosing a wedding photographer is a significant decision. The right photographer can beautifully capture your special day’s emotions, joy, and unique moments, providing lasting memories. By asking these 24 essential questions, you can ensure the chosen photographer aligns with the Types of Wedding Venue, vision, style, and expectations. Remember, the best wedding photography is not just about taking beautiful pictures; it’s about telling your unique love story!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a wedding photographer?

To find a wedding photographer, ask friends for recommendations, check with your wedding venue, and look for reviews online or on social media. This will give you a good starting point for finding the perfect photographer for your big day.


Why must I confirm the photographer’s availability on my wedding day?

It’s important to confirm the photographer’s availability on your wedding day because popular photographers get booked up in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons. So, securing your preferred photographer for your chosen date is crucial as soon as possible.


Why do I need to discuss the photographer’s style?

Discussing the photographer’s style is important to ensure it aligns with your vision and expectations for your wedding photos. Each photographer has a unique style, so finding one that resonates with you is crucial.


What is the role of an assistant photographer?

The role of an assistant wedding photographer is to support the main photographer by helping with tasks like carrying equipment, setting up scenes, and capturing additional moments that the main photographer might miss. This can play a valuable role in ensuring the success of the photography on the wedding day.


What is included in wedding photography packages?

Wedding photographer packages often vary in inclusions and options, with some photographers offering all-inclusive packages and others charging separately for different services. It’s important to carefully review what each package offers before deciding which wedding photographer you hire for your big day.