14 Types of Wedding Venues for Creating Memorable Wedding Photographs

To decide on a venue for your wedding day, you need to know the type of wedding you want and the ideal location. It is based on your budget, guest size and personal expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Various wedding venues, such as barns, hotels, castles, and beaches, offer unique backdrops for memorable wedding photos, capturing the essence of each couple’s love story and aesthetic preferences.
  • From the grandeur of banquet halls to the cultural richness of museums and galleries, wedding venues can elevate the celebratory experience with distinct themes and allow couples to weave personal, historical, or artistic elements into their special day.
  • The rise of intimate wedding venues reflects a trend towards smaller, more personal celebrations. These allow for greater guest interaction and personalized details that shine through in wedding photography.

1. What is a barn wedding?

Types of Wedding Venue.

Rustic, charming, and filled with a sense of nostalgia, a barn wedding venue is the embodiment of warmth and intimacy. Picture your wedding photos against the backdrop of wooden beams, exposed brickwork, and twinkling fairy lights. With its rustic charm, the barn venue ensures intimate weddings and offers a timeless backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Barns hold a unique enchantment within the realm of wedding venues, providing an adaptable space for couples to express their personalities. Be it the pastoral charm of hay bales and wildflowers or the elegance of chandeliers and silk drapes, the barn can be moulded to mirror your love story.

Moreover, barn wedding venues typically offer:

  • Vast, open spaces, both indoors and out, perfect for capturing a variety of shots
  • Romantic sunset images
  • Fun, candid shots of your guests enjoying the celebration

The possibilities are endless when you choose a barn for your wedding venue.

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2. What is a hotel wedding?

Wedding Venues in Hotels.
Imagine saying your vows in an elegantly decorated ballroom, celebrating with a grand reception in a sophisticated dining hall, and capping the night in a luxurious suite, all without leaving the premises of a house hotel. This is the seamless experience a hotel wedding venue offers, making it the perfect setting for real weddings at various venues in the UK.

Hotels are famed for their all-inclusive services, encompassing everything from event planning to catering. With licensed ceremony spaces often included, hotel venues allow the entire celebration, from vows to evening parties, to conveniently take place under one roof. This eases coordination efforts and offers guests the comfort of overnight accommodation. Explore our selection of venues with prices starting at various budget-friendly options, ensuring a perfect fit for your special day.

Furthermore, hotels often have a variety of beautiful spaces that can serve as stunning backdrops for your wedding photographs. The grand lobby, manicured gardens, or even the luxurious suites can add a touch of elegance to your wedding album.

3. What is a castle wedding venue?

If you’ve ever dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, a castle wedding venue might be the perfect setting for your big day. These venues offer a blend of history, grandeur, and exclusivity that’s hard to find anywhere else. Imagine your wedding photos featuring the stunning architecture of a historic castle, the sweeping landscapes around it, and the enchanting interiors that transport you back in time.

Opting for a castle as your wedding venue affords you:

  • A royal experience
  • An otherworldly setting that will mesmerize your guests
  • Wedding photographs that appear as though they’ve been lifted from a fairytale

After all, the allure of embodying a prince or princess for a day is hard to resist.

Moreover, many castle venues have vast grounds or gardens, providing ample space for your guests to explore and countless picturesque spots for your wedding photos. Whether it’s a grand staircase, a historic tower, or a beautiful garden, your photographer will have no shortage of stunning backdrops.

4. What is a beach wedding?

Wedding Venues on Beaches.
The soft whisper of waves, the gentle caress of the ocean breeze, the warm sand beneath your feet—this is the allure of a beach wedding venue. Beach weddings offer a serene and romantic ambience that few other venues can match. The natural beauty of the seashore, combined with the relaxed atmosphere, makes beach weddings an increasingly popular choice for couples.

Selecting a beach for your wedding venue allows you to incorporate the splendour of nature into your setting. The vivid blue water, golden sands, and breathtaking sunsets contribute to striking wedding photographs. A beach venue, whether for a barefoot sunset ceremony or a festive seaside reception, guarantees your wedding photos encapsulate your love story against a beautiful natural backdrop.

Moreover, a beach wedding venue also allows for:

  • Relaxed, comfortable attire
  • Lightweight bridal gowns
  • Linen suits
  • Perhaps even bare feet

Your wedding photographs capture all of this perfectly. It’s the perfect setting for couples who want their big day to be beautiful and laid-back in a stunning place.

5. What is a country house wedding?

A country house wedding venue is an idyllic selection for those envisioning a private, sophisticated wedding. Replete with stunning architectural features and sprawling grounds, these venues exude the quaint charm of a past era, fostering an atmosphere of secluded exclusivity. They’re ideal for intimate and larger celebrations, offering a blend of indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding festivities.

Country houses often boast stunning interiors – think grand staircases, ornate fireplaces, and antique furniture – all adding to the elegance of your wedding photographs. And let’s not forget the exteriors: beautifully manicured gardens, picturesque courtyards, and stunning views, all waiting to be captured in your wedding album.

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Additionally, the secluded nature of a country house venue offers the following benefits for a wedding celebration:

  • A deeply personal and intimate atmosphere
  • Commemorating your love amidst your nearest and dearest
  • Far from the city’s clamour
  • Particularly cherished wedding photographs

6. What is a vineyard wedding?

Imagine exchanging vows amidst rows of lush grapevines, with the majestic mountains in the backdrop, and celebrating your love with a glass of exquisite wine from the vines around you. This is what a vineyard wedding venue offers. Vineyard venues are perfect for wine-loving couples and provide a unique and picturesque setting for your wedding.

Often situated in breathtakingly picturesque regions, vineyard wedding venues offer spectacular landscapes for your wedding photos. The orderly vine rows, rustic winery buildings, and awe-inspiring sunsets craft an intensely romantic scenery for your special day.

Furthermore, vineyard weddings are not just about the beautiful surroundings. The wine produced at these venues adds a unique touch to your celebration. Whether it’s a wine-tasting reception or personalized wine bottles as wedding favours, the wine becomes an integral part of your wedding story, adding a unique flavour to your wedding photographs.

7. What is a garden wedding?

Wedding Venue in Garden.
A garden wedding venue is perfect for those who dream of an outdoor wedding with a natural backdrop. These venues offer effortlessly beautiful backdrops, with blooming flowers, lush greenery, and charming garden features like fountains or gazebos. Moreover, they provide ample space for outdoor activities, making them a versatile choice for your wedding.

Garden wedding venues highlight nature’s role in your celebration. The changing seasons lend a unique vibe to your event, from spring and summer’s vibrant hues to autumn’s golden tones. This inherent beauty seeps into your wedding photographs, resulting in timeless, enchanting keepsakes.

Moreover, garden wedding venues offer endless opportunities for stunning photographs and entertainment. You can set up a photo booth with a floral backdrop, have an outdoor dance floor under the stars, or even arrange lawn games to entertain your guests. The possibilities are as vast and varied as the gardens themselves.

8. What is an outdoor rustic wedding?

Rustic Wedding Venue Outdoors.
If you’re a couple seeking a relaxed and informal atmosphere for your wedding, an outdoor rustic venue might be the perfect choice. Often set in the UK countryside or amidst natural landscapes, these venues offer a charming, natural setting perfect for a laid-back celebration. Sought-after regions include the Cotswolds, Devon, Cornwall and the Lake District.

Outdoor rustic wedding venues often feature elements like barns, farmhouses, or cottages, which add a charming, country feel to your wedding. The natural surroundings, whether woodland, field or a beautiful garden, provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Moreover, these venues often offer flexibility in terms of decoration and layout. Depending on your style, you can opt for simple, rustic decor or a more elaborate setup. Whether a summer wedding with a picnic-style reception or a cosy winter wedding with a bonfire and twinkling lights, an outdoor rustic venue can adapt to your vision, making your wedding photographs unique.

9. What is a church wedding?

Church wedding venues are special for numerous couples. They infuse the marriage ceremony with a spiritual element that imparts a sense of solemnity and tradition. This timeless appeal contributes to their enduring popularity among couples.

Church wedding venues are often steeped in history and are architecturally magnificent, offering a grand backdrop for your wedding photographs. The towering spires, stained glass windows, and the solemn altar create timeless wedding photographs.

Moreover, a church wedding venue is not just about the ceremony. Many churches have beautiful grounds or gardens where you can take stunning photographs or even hold your reception. Whether you’re deeply religious or appreciate the tradition and grandeur of a church wedding, this venue adds a timeless appeal to your wedding photographs.

10. What is a banquet wedding?

Banquet wedding venues are ideal for couples intending to have a grand celebration on a large scale. These venues are purpose-built to host extensive guest lists, ensuring that every person on your guest list is comfortably accommodated. They also present elegant spaces for both the ceremony and reception.

Banquet wedding venues often feature grand halls with high ceilings, chandeliers, and elegant decor, offering a luxurious setting for your celebrations. The scale and grandeur of these venues can add a touch of opulence to your wedding photographs, capturing the lavishness of your big day. When searching for wedding venues with prices that suit your budget, consider these banquet halls for a truly unforgettable experience.

Moreover, banquet venues are renowned for their exquisite cuisine. Whether you opt for a formal sit-down dinner, a lavish buffet, or a delightful wedding breakfast, the culinary experience will surely be a highlight of your wedding. This, combined with the grand setting, ensures that your wedding photographs capture the scale and splendour of your celebration.

11. What is a museum wedding?

Museum wedding venues provide a distinctive and culturally enriching setting for couples with a fondness for history, art, and culture. These venues enable the exchange of vows against a backdrop of ancient artefacts, beautiful artwork, or even dinosaur skeletons, adding a unique touch to your wedding.

Museum wedding venues and town halls are often located in architecturally significant buildings, adding charm to your wedding photographs. Whether it’s a historic mansion, a modern art museum, or a natural history museum, these venues provide a unique and visually stunning backdrop for your wedding.

Moreover, choosing a museum as your wedding venue allows guests to enjoy a cultural experience. They can explore the exhibits during the cocktail hour or even take a guided tour, adding an extra dimension to your wedding celebrations.

This uniqueness, achieved through exclusive use and original features, will be reflected in your wedding photographs.

12. What is a gallery wedding?

Gallery wedding venues provide a refined and artistic ambience for contemporary, art-enthusiast couples. Often characterized by their minimalist and modern design, these venues let the artwork shine, offering a distinctive backdrop for your wedding photographs.

The contemporary spaces within a gallery offer a blank canvas for your wedding. You can keep the decor minimal, allowing the artwork to shine, or add your personal touches to complement the art. Either way, the result is a wedding venue that’s as unique and creative as you are.

Moreover, gallery wedding venues often feature stunning architectural elements, like high ceilings, large windows, and industrial details. These elements can add a unique and modern touch to your wedding photographs, making them stand out.

13. What is a destination wedding?

Destination wedding venues present adventurous couples with the opportunity to commemorate their love in an exotic locale. Whether it’s a tropical beach, a historic European city, or a rustic vineyard, destination weddings facilitate the creation of memories in a place that holds special meaning for you.

Choosing a destination wedding venue means embracing the local culture and landscape as part of your celebration. The local architecture, natural beauty, and even the weather can play a key role in your wedding photographs, making them unique and a great way to visualize the perfect setting for your special day.

Moreover, destination weddings often turn into a mini-vacation for your guests. The celebrations can extend over a few days, with various activities planned for your guests. This makes your wedding an unforgettable experience for your guests and offers plenty of opportunities for unique and candid wedding photographs during your wedding planning journey.

14. What is an intimate wedding setting?

In line with the recent trend of smaller, more intimate weddings, intimate wedding venues cater specifically to such gatherings, fostering a warm, personal ambience for your special day. Be it a petite country inn, a private garden, or a family home, these venues deliver a sense of familiarity and intimacy unmatched by larger venues.

An intimate wedding venue often feels more personal and unique. You can infuse every aspect of the venue with your personal touch, making your wedding truly a reflection of your love story. This personal touch will be evident in your wedding photographs, making them all the more special.

Moreover, intimate wedding venues allow for a more relaxed and laid-back celebration. You can spend quality time with each of your guests, creating memories that will be captured in your wedding photographs. After all, these personal moments and connections make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to get married in a church or hire a venue?

It is generally cheaper to get married in a church than to have a civil ceremony at a venue. You may have to pay for the room and set up for a civil ceremony, making it more expensive.


Where is the best place in the UK to get married?

It all depends on your preferences and budget. We’ve named sought-after areas like the Cotswolds and Cornwall. The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa in Bath, Somerset, is one of the best places in the UK to get married, offering the unique opportunity to marry and stay in a landmark building from 1775.


What factors should I consider when choosing a wedding venue?

When choosing a wedding venue, consider size, location, facilities, cost, and how well it aligns with your vision. These elements can help you make an informed decision for your special day.

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How does the venue contribute to the wedding photographs?

The venue sets the backdrop for your wedding photographs, contributing to the overall aesthetic and mood of the photos. It can enhance the visual appeal of the pictures.


Can I have a beach wedding in the UK?

Yes, you can have a beach wedding in the UK, as many beautiful beach locations are available for such events. One example is the historic Jurrasic Coast across the South of England.