If you want to understand what I look out for and how I approach your day then this is the page to read. What I promise is energy and a focus to capture those un-staged and un-scripted moments that you will cherish for ever.

Hunting out those authentic moments

My goal is to go unnoticed and be non-directive, leaving you to enjoy your day. Whilst you and your guests are sharing the best day of your lives, I’m working tirelessly to capture those candid shots when everyone has forgotten I’m there and bang an amazing moment happens. These are moments that can’t be recreated.

The not so
awkward portraits

Well I can tell you now they don’t need to be awkward at all. My goal is the opposite. I see this time as an opportunity for some you time. Weddings can fly by so it’s nice to get a little time together to take it in. I also don’t want to take you away from your guests for very long. I normally do a couple of 15 minute sessions at different times of the day to get some varied light conditions. I also don’t get overly directive in these sessions, it’s as simple as going for a walk, you guys do you and I’ll do my thing – definitely no awkward posing. 

A good way to get comfortable with the camera and me is to book a pre-wedding shoot, you can read more about those here.

Black and white

I love black and white, it definitely still has a place in my opinion. Often a photo can look better in B&W than it does in colour, smokey dancefloors comes to mind. So you’ll definitely get some B&W in your album. Head over to my portfolio to see some of my favourites.

The dancefloor

This has got to be my favourite part of the day. My wife will tell you, I’m partial to being found on the dancefloor at any wedding we go to and at ours I was the last man standing, so in a nutshell I love it. This really helps with my approach to shooting it, I get stuck in. My kit is light and portable as I only use camera mounted flash. This means I get right into the thick of it. I’m also not the guy checking his watch straight after the first dance!

What happens afterwards?

So after the big day you guys will be riding a wave like nothing you’ve experienced before, to keep you up there you’ll get a highlight package from me within a few days. This means you can get some lovely photos shared with your family and friends before Uncle Bob sends through his blurry phone pics (sorry Bob). The rest of your photos should be ready in 4-6 weeks, depending on how busy I am. 

Your photos will be uploaded to a password-protected gallery, so you guys decide who can view them. You’ll be able to purchase prints through the gallery as well. For albums, I can definitely help with that, we can chat through this in our pre wedding consultation as these are very personal things.

So that’s it in a nutshell, I try to keep things simple and approach things how I would want my own wedding shot. If this resonates with you then lets chat!

Emily and Jack

“Wow….. thank you so very much. I am blown away!!! You’ve captured everything so brilliantly, we couldn’t have asked for more!! Thank you again for being such a legend!! All of our family and close friends commented on what a nice chap you were. It was all so relaxed too which suited us to the ground.”

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