Top Wedding Venues Cotswolds: Dream Locations for Your Special Day

Looking for wedding venues Cotswolds style?

This article offers a concise overview of select venues in the Cotswolds, blending the area’s enchanting appeal with the practical information needed to find the best match for your big day.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cotswolds offers a variety of wedding venues, from historic manors and stately homes, like Matara and Caswell House, to luxury barns, such as Cripps and Lapstone Barns, each with its unique charm and capacity to create a tailor-made wedding experience.
  • Key features of Cotswolds wedding venues include picturesque settings suitable for photography, on-site accommodation for guests, and the option for indoor or outdoor ceremonies tailored to personal preferences.
  • Professional local wedding planners in the Cotswolds can assist with customising and coordinating the wedding day, facilitating venue selection, catering, decorations, and entertainment and making the event memorable and stress-free.


Discovering the Cotswolds’ Finest Wedding Venues

Cotswolds Wedding Locations.

The Cotswolds, with its picturesque settings and unique ceremony options, offers an array of stunning wedding venues. From stately homes like Matara with its unique indoor and outdoor settings to country houses nestled in heritage towns, each venue is a treasure trove of captivating backdrops for your special day.

Imagine saying ‘I do’ in a charming orangery or a terraced pavilion tailored to your preferences. Many of these venues offer the added convenience of on-site accommodation, ranging from historic houses to modern boutique hotels, allowing for a private and intimate wedding weekend.


Cotswolds Wedding Photography

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many weddings across the Cotswolds. If my work resonates with you, look at my dedicated Cotswolds Wedding Photography page.


Lapstone Barn: The Jewel of North Cotswolds

Nestled in the rolling Cotswold hills, Lapstone Barn is a testament to the region’s architectural heritage and natural beauty, showcasing the Lapstone barn’s Cotswold beauty. This exclusive-use barn wedding venue is renowned for its 18th-century stone barn and on-site accommodation, making it an ideal location for ceremonies and seated dining. With a capacity to host up to 200 guests, the venue offers the perfect setting for grand wedding events.

Lapstone Barn is characterized by open south-facing lawns and an English courtyard, offering a scenic backdrop for wedding photography and ceremonies. Every wedding at Lapstone Barn is tailored to the couple’s vision, from the civil ceremony to the dining options, ensuring a unique and memorable experience.


Caswell House

In the heart of the Cotswolds lies Caswell House, an exclusive wedding venue that offers:

  • Original Cotswold stone buildings
  • An ancient orchard
  • A blend of history and elegance
  • Personalized and intimate experience for your special day

This venue dates back to the 15th Century and is managed by a dedicated family.

From fine food and drink to comfortable accommodation, Caswell House provides a comprehensive package for wedding celebrations. The venue’s historic and romantic setting serves as a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos, making every moment a memory to cherish.


Cornwell Manor

Luxury, versatility, and exceptional service are the hallmarks of Cornwell Manor, a highly-regarded wedding venue in the Cotswolds. Testimonials from guests often describe their experience at Cornwell Manor as follows:

  • the best wedding event they have attended
  • a truly magical and unforgettable experience
  • a perfect blend of elegance and charm
  • a dream come true

The venue provides a house and gardens for wedding events, offering an informal and enjoyable atmosphere for wedding celebrations. Staff members are praised for their outstanding service, and Cornwell Manor goes the extra mile to create dream weddings and cherished memories.

From pool parties to brunches, the venue’s versatility extends beyond the wedding, ensuring a truly unforgettable celebration.


Lapstone Barn

Lapstone Barn, an 18th-century Cotswold barn, can accommodate up to 200 guests for ceremonies and seated dining. The venue’s elegant south-facing lawns and English courtyard enhance its outdoor charm, making it a popular wedding choice.

Situated in North Cotswolds amidst rolling fields and near Chipping Campden, the venue promises a secluded rural setting with acres of privacy for wedding events. The kitchen team at Lapstone Barn is committed to creating an unforgettable culinary experience using local and fresh ingredients, further enriching your wedding day.


Inns Cotswolds

The Cotswold Inns & Hotels group offers a collection of venues, each providing a distinctive setting that combines traditional appeal with contemporary sophistication, making them an ideal Cotswold wedding venue. These venues cater to various wedding sizes, from smaller, more personal gatherings to larger, more festive celebrations. They are equipped to host licensed ceremonies and receptions, with the added benefit of having seasoned wedding coordinators and elegant guest accommodations.

From Bear of Rodborough to Manor House, these venues host wedding open days, offering couples the chance to explore and appreciate the charm and elegance of each location.


Hyde House Cotswolds

Hyde House, a Victorian estate in the heart of the Cotswolds, offers its house and barns for weddings, private events, and parties. This stately home, located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, provides all-inclusive services, including catering and experienced support for wedding planning. Surrounded by the charm of biscuit-hued market towns, Hyde House is the perfect venue for your special day.

Ceremonies can occur in The Grange, a modern barn that seats 150 guests, or outdoors with an arbour for vows. With a dining hall, a lounge bar, a get-ready suite, and an upstairs lounge, Hyde Barn offers a comprehensive space for your wedding celebrations. The venue includes beautiful gardens and countryside views as part of its outdoor spaces, making it a top choice for a picturesque wedding.


Cripps Barn

Cripps Barn is an 18th-century Cotswold stone barn that offers the following features:

  • Capability to host civil marriage ceremonies
  • Accommodates up to 150 people during the ceremony and dining
  • Accommodates up to 200 guests for the evening celebrations
  • State-of-the-art Funktion-One sound system
  • Late-night license until 1 am

With these features, Cripps Barn ensures a lively atmosphere for your wedding celebration.

The venue also provides options for church ceremonies, and its culinary offerings, especially those cooked over open barbecues and rotisseries, emphasize fresh and generous portions of the finest ingredients. With a directory for trusted local suppliers and nearby accommodations, Cripps Barn ensures a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience.


Temple Guiting Manor

Temple Guiting Manor and Barns offer an intimate wedding venue in the Cotswolds, perfect for personalized wedding experiences. The estate offers accommodations for up to 34 guests across a collection of buildings, including a barn, a manor house, and additional self-contained units. The Manor’s picturesque grounds, designed by Jinny Blom, provide a striking backdrop for wedding receptions.

Couples can have a civil ceremony in the Peacock Garden under the Peacock Shed or in an informal setting in the Barn lounge area. With the manor’s dining room accommodating a wedding breakfast for up to 34 guests, Temple Guiting Manor ensures a cosy and intimate wedding experience.


Lords of the Manor Upper Slaughter

Nestled in the North Cotswolds countryside, Lords of the Manor is a traditional Country House hotel recognized as one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the area. This venue can accommodate up to 140 guests for intimate celebrations. Its extensive private gardens and expansive lawns provide a historic and picturesque wedding setting.

The manor house is a historic building with honey-coloured stone, offering numerous photographic opportunities for wedding celebrations. With the Lords of the Manor team meticulously arranging and executing every detail of the wedding celebration, you will surely have a flawless event.


Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle, situated amid 1,200 acres of Cotswolds countryside, provides a selection of wedding venues such as St Mary’s Chapel for intimate ceremonies and the Library for civil ceremonies. The castle offers various event spaces, from the Haha with rose garden views to the Tithe Barn ruins.

The Queen’s Garden, enveloped by historic yew hedges, is a venue for drinks receptions and can accommodate marquees. Large wedding events can take place on the North Lawn, accommodating marquees of various sizes. The Mulberry Lawn, encircled by the castle walls and the ruins of the Royal Apartments, provides a historic setting for receptions.


Soho Farmhouse

Located in Great Tew, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Soho Farmhouse offers various event spaces for different sizes of gatherings. The Barwell Barn within the farmhouse can accommodate up to 120 people, making it suitable for sizeable events.

The availability of Soho Farmhouse’s event spaces is exclusive to members, ensuring a unique and personalized experience. The venue operates every day from 7 am to 11 pm, offering flexibility for your wedding schedule.


Barnsley House

Barnsley House, a stunning Georgian farmhouse, is a refined wedding venue in the Cotswolds that can accommodate up to 140 guests for intimate celebrations. Known for its historic ornamental gardens designed by Rosemary Verey, the venue provides a picturesque setting for wedding photography.

Barnsley House offers 18 luxurious bedrooms within the main house, reflecting contemporary and traditional design harmony. Their approach to hosting weddings is flexible, accommodating couples through direct contact, a personal Wedding Planner, or the venue’s Events Manager.

Every detail of the wedding celebration is meticulously arranged and executed to ensure a flawless event.


The Painswick Cotswolds

The Painswick is a wedding venue in the Cotswolds that caters to personalized wedding experiences, whether a lavish celebration or a small gathering. This venue offers a range of spaces suitable for various parts of a wedding event, including a luxurious lounge and an outdoor terrace with valley views.

Couples can enjoy a sumptuous feast and dance the night away at The Painswick, enhancing the celebratory experience. The Painswick is a wedding venue in the Cotswolds that offers customized experiences for each wedding, catering to different preferences, whether a grand event or an intimate gathering.


Kirtlington house

Kirtlington House, also known as Kirtlington Park, is a premier event and wedding venue set within private landscaped grounds in Oxfordshire. Celebrated for its Palladian architecture, regarded as one of Britain’s finest, the estate embodies an English classical style. Kirtlington Park offers a balance of classical elegance and homely warmth, making it an attractive location for various events.

The house is historically known for being built for entertainment, a legacy that continues with its hosting of festivities and cultural events. Kirtlington Park is conveniently positioned for access from London and airports, enhancing its appeal for domestic and international guests.


Georgian Grandeur: Exclusive Use Venues

Small Wedding Locations Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds, home to some of the Cotswold’s finest towns, is also known for its array of Georgian manor homes that provide exclusive wedding settings, complementing the region’s honey-coloured architectural splendour. Iconic venues such as Eastington Park, Lords of the Manor, and Pauntley Court exemplify the grandeur of Georgian estates, often featuring extensive private gardens. Many Georgian venues in the Cotswolds, like Kirtlington Park, offer high exclusivity, ensuring a private affair that transforms the estate into a personal wedding retreat.

These grand historical residences provide many options for ceremonies and receptions, such as Elmore Court’s diverse settings and Cowley Manor’s capacity to host intimate and grand events.


Intimate Idylls: Small & Beautiful Rural Settings

Micro Venues for Weddings Cotswolds.


Small and intimate rural venues in the Cotswolds are sought after for their idyllic charm and unique ability to create an exclusive wedding atmosphere. Weddings in these settings can benefit from the personal touch offered by the dedicated teams at idyllic venues, which often include cosy accommodations and beautiful gardens. These smaller venues often come with a slightly sad or poignant ambience, perfect for couples looking for a ceremony with deep emotional resonance.

Selecting a small, beautiful rural setting in the Cotswolds for a wedding allows couples to embrace a more intimate and sentimental experience with close family and friends.


Tailoring Your Dream Cotswold Wedding

When it comes to planning your dream Cotswold wedding, securing the services of a local wedding planner can significantly reduce stress. These professionals can help establish connections with trusted local suppliers, ensuring a wedding meets your vision in the Cotswolds. The planner’s experience and knowledge of the region can help you navigate the various aspects of your wedding, including:

  • Venue selection
  • Decorations
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Transportation

This ensures your actual wedding experience is as perfect as you envisioned.

Venue Hire Essentials

Choosing the right venue is crucial to the success of your wedding day. A venue’s location is pivotal to its accessibility, with venues like Lapstone Barn ideally positioned near Chipping Campden, making guest accommodation and other needs manageable. Offering accommodations on-site, like those at certain Cotswolds venues, provides immense convenience for both the couple and their attendees.

Dry-hire venues in the Cotswolds allow couples to customize various aspects of their wedding day, reflecting their style and ensuring a unique experience. Ensuring a venue meets your aesthetic and logistical requirements and aligns with your budget and guest list size is critical to the event’s success.

Crafting Your Culinary Experience

Food plays a significant role in any wedding celebration, from the cocktail hour to the wedding breakfast and the reception dinner. For instance, the kitchen team at Lapstone Barn customizes wedding menus using local and fresh ingredients to reflect the couple’s preferences and the Cotswolds’ culinary heritage. Incorporating locally sourced food, drinks, and decor into a Cotswold wedding supports local culture and provides guests a unique and authentic dining experience.

Choosing a venue with a remarkable culinary setting, like an orangery, for the seated wedding breakfast can offer a visually stunning and unforgettable dining experience.

Making Memories Last: Photography & Special Touches

Barn Wedding Venue Cotswolds.

The right professional wedding photographer will be someone who:

  • has skill with the camera
  • has an eye for the unique Cotswolds charm
  • is experienced with the Cotswolds venues
  • knows how to capture the stunning landscapes and quaint details that make the region special

Special touches like custom place settings can make guests feel valued, adding to the positive experience of the day.

Personalized wedding elements, such as a bespoke cocktail menu featuring local Cotswolds ingredients, can offer an unforgettable touch for the couple and their guests.


Real Couples, Real Stories: Lapstone Barn Weddings

Nothing speaks more truthfully about a venue than the testimonials of couples who have experienced their special day there. Couples consistently praise Lapstone Barn for the professionalism and dedication of its team. The staff, especially individuals like Kate, are recognized for making couples feel incredibly supported and efficiently managing the wedding details. Even when faced with unforeseen challenges such as postponements, the Lapstone Barn team ensures that every wedding day proceeds perfectly.

From Lucinda and Charlie’s four-day celebration to countless other weddings, every testimonial highlights the Lapstone Barn team’s tailored and enthusiastic approach, ensuring each wedding is a unique and unforgettable event.

A Day to Remember

Every wedding is special, but some stand out due to their unique and memorable elements. Lucinda and Charlie’s wedding at Lapstone Barn stood out for its extended celebrations spanning four days between London and the Cotswolds. The main event at Lapstone Barn was nothing short of memorable, showcasing the venue’s capability to host extended celebrations.

Such stories of couples who had a day to remember at Lapstone Barn highlight the venue’s ability to tailor the wedding experience to the couple’s vision, creating a truly unique celebration.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Weddings can be stressful, and unforeseen challenges can add to the stress. However, couples consistently praise the Lapstone Barn team for their patience, understanding, and ability to manage such challenges. Despite the unexpected hurdles, the dedication of the Lapstone Barn team ensures that every wedding day proceeds perfectly, making it a day to remember for all the right reasons.

With the support of such an experienced team, couples can focus on celebrating their love and creating cherished memories.

Picture-Perfect Moments

Wedding photographs are treasured keepsakes that capture the joy and love of your special day. Lapstone Barn’s beautiful rural setting enables the capture of stunning wedding photographs that showcase the elegance of the Cotswold barn and highlight the joy of newly married couples.

The exclusive use venue, a stunning wedding venue, offers exclusive photo opportunities in its surroundings, including candid shots among the flowerbeds and orchards, capturing every special moment in a picture-perfect frame. And let’s not forget the magical wedding guest pictures offering a unique take on the big day.


Planning Your Cotswold Wedding: Tips & Tricks

Planning a wedding can be daunting, but you can ensure a smooth and stress-free process with a few tips and tricks. Securing the services of a local wedding planner can significantly reduce stress and help establish connections with trusted local suppliers, ensuring your Cotswold wedding meets your personalized vision.

From choosing the right venue to selecting the perfect menu, a local wedding planner’s experience and knowledge of the region can help you navigate the various aspects of your wedding, ensuring your big day is as perfect as you envisioned.

When to Say ‘I Do’ in the Cotswolds

Choosing the right time to say ‘I do’ can greatly influence the success of your wedding. The Cotswolds is suitable for weddings year-round due to its moderate oceanic weather patterns. However, autumn in the Cotswolds is ideal for weddings, offering mild weather and fewer tourists than summer.

Early afternoon ceremonies are recommended during summertime to allow for unhurried preparations, while winter weddings may benefit from an earlier start to utilize maximum daylight.

Accommodation & Comfort: On-Site Options

On-site accommodation allows for a relaxed start to the wedding day, allowing the bridal party to be together and enjoy amenities like room service or pre-arranged meals. Many Cotswolds venues offer on-site lodging, providing immense convenience for both the couple and their attendees.

With a relaxed start, you and your bridal party can enjoy a serene morning and arrive at the ceremony refreshed and ready to celebrate.

Navigating Your Big Day

Creating a seamless wedding day timeline is crucial, especially in a rural setting, to ensure that the day flows smoothly and all events are timed perfectly with the serene surroundings. A typical rural wedding day timeline includes:

  • Preparations
  • Early afternoon civil ceremony
  • Drinks reception with canapés
  • Group photos
  • Portraits
  • Speeches
  • Wedding breakfast
  • Evening celebrations such as cake cutting and the first dance

Ensure ample time is allocated for each part of the wedding day to allow guests and the wedding party to savour each moment without feeling rushed, paramount in creating a relaxed and joyous atmosphere.



From intimate idylls to grand Georgian manors, the Cotswolds offers many wedding venues that cater to various preferences and budgets. Each venue boasts unique charms, offering picturesque settings, tailored services, and on-site accommodation. With the added convenience of a local wedding planner, you can ensure a stress-free planning process and a wedding day that meets your personalized vision. As you embark on this exciting journey to plan your wedding, remember that the perfect venue is not just about a beautiful location but also a place where your love story can truly come alive.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the unique features of the Cotswold wedding venues?

Cotswold wedding venues offer historic buildings, beautiful landscapes, on-site accommodations, and tailored wedding planning services. You can find wedding venues that include everything, whilst others offer flexibility when choosing suppliers for a personalized wedding day experience.


Are there exclusive-use venues in the Cotswolds?

Yes, exclusive-use venues in the Cotswolds, such as Lapstone Barn and Hyde House, offer private wedding celebrations.


What is the best time to have a wedding in the Cotswolds?

The best time to have a wedding in the Cotswolds is in autumn, as it offers mild weather and fewer tourists, making it ideal for a memorable celebration. Learn more about all the types of wedding venues across the UK.


What are some tips for planning a Cotswold wedding?

Consider hiring a local wedding planner to reduce stress and connect with trusted suppliers. Choose a venue that aligns with your aesthetic, logistics, budget, and guest list. Look for venues with on-site accommodation for a more convenient experience.


How can I personalize my wedding day in the Cotswolds?

You can personalize your wedding day in the Cotswolds by taking advantage of the flexibility many venues offer. For example, you can customize the ceremony and reception settings and menu and add personalized elements like custom place settings and unique decor to reflect your style.

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